Freaky Foot Tours Postcard Pack

Hear the spooky tails from the rails! Built in 1926, the Flagstaff Station has welcomed many a traveler and witnessed some visitors from beyond.

Since 1894 and long before, Mars Hill has always been a great place to observe the stars, Many have also glimpsed phantoms, occult planets and otherworldly sightings!

Dreadful Dre, your loquacious tour leader will recount mountain town mystery
while walking and talking Flagstaff haunted history!

Tales of hotel hauntings and theater spirits make a walk through Downtown Flagstaft
quite engrossing, stories of mystery and murder will leave you chilled at every corner!

Since 1927, the Hotel Monte Vista has welcomed weary travelers through its doors and some of them still occupy the rooms in spirit form! Hear the many chilling chronicles 
and maybe stay a sleepless night in one of their haunted chambers!

Since 1891 the Citizens Cemetery of Flagstaff has buried folks along with their
secrets. Unearth notorious notes and grave tales from Flagstaff's haunted history!
These tintypes were commissioned by Eric Retterbush and shot on a historic 1800s camera.  Order one or get a whole pack!
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